Allow your intuitive nature to help you to better manage your money

in a guided approach created through your own grace and imminent fulfillment . . .



Greetings to you . . .


I am pleased that you are allowing yourself to begin to experience my intended wish is for you to ease your mind, open your heart, rejuvenate your spirit, center and relax your being . . .   to help to move you towards creating intrinsic, life-altering money-connections that will help you with handling your money, both personally and if you are a creative entrepreneur.  My desire is for you to connect and better appreciate the essential, practical “numbers” side of your money . . .  through actually knowing HOW to proceed within your own real money situation.  This coming-to-terms occurs through reflecting and contemplating about your feelings with your money COMBINED WITH awakening your money awareness and hands-on working (and calculating) your money figures.


I don’t want you to neglect your practical money management (or as I prefer to express it as “money handling”)  . . .  but I want you to be ready to receive and relate the power of your own feelings about money together, so that your money handling no longer remains elusive.


The importance of connecting with your money encompasses a combination of your heart, soul, spirit and intellect; not just limiting yourself to the numbers-side. When you blend both the practical aspects of handling your money (whether personal and/or business) together with your emotions, this acknowledgement brings to the fore, a real, lasting relationship with your money.  You need to be willing to submit yourself to this experience in order to arrive at your individual realization of meaningful change  . . . 

Money is one of those topics that can be divisive, annoying and difficult – but once understood it can bring a sense of security, peace and happiness if money is understood in its correct light.


Whether its your business or personal money, we have ideas that will help you to better understand about money and how to:

  • Manage
  • Record
  • Calculate
  • Save
  • Plan
  • Analyze


We have a range of lower cost options that are designed to help, not hinder your money education.



Shantel Susan, B.A.A.B., Fin. Dipl., I.D. Dipl., Money Planner

Founder, It`s All About Money



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